March 11, 2019


I know, I’ll do a Podcast, I thought. Maybe one about the unsung heroes of the Music Business…. the guys and gals who give us the music of the West End…. the session players who make the Superstars sound great… or MD’s, Producers, Teachers or Sound Engineers, all of whom navigate what is one of the toughest careers, often without much or any recognition. Or money! So Ladies and Germans I give you Episode 1
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LISTEN TO THE ENTRIES AND VOTE HERE I’m honoured that my song Hey Traveller has been shortlisted for the final of the Last Choir Singing Competition. This gave me an excuse to head back to the Lancashire hills and be back on home turf for a while. (A place where there has been outrage locally as the average price of a pint has reached £3!!!!!! *%@!) Had a great time at Radio Lancashire yesterday afternoon
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