Admit it!

You know there’s a song inside you somewhere. Maybe lurking in the dark recesses of your mind, hiding somewhere just behind your novel.

Are you a student just starting out on a rock and roller coaster ride? Are you a teacher looking to inspire your classroom full of kids? Or have you just been staring at the guitar sitting in the corner of your room thinking: “One day……..”?

This book is your answer!

It’s short, sweet and concise. It will take you on a musical journey through the building blocks of the popular song. It will point you towards the dos and will help you avoid the don’ts.

It will help you bare your musical soul with confidence.

And here’s the trick….. Andy Duerden’s How to Write A Song will guide you using the crucial principle that SIMPLICITY IS KEY. It will allow your ability as a Songwriter to grow, safe in the knowledge that THERE ARE NO RULES!

Step inside and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Songwriting.

Available now from Amazon for only £4.99.

Need help with those pop star vocals?

Professional input into your songwriting?

Want help putting your demo together?

I can help you with your vocal and can introduce or strengthen your studio or mic technique. 

Learn how to craft and structure your own songs to get them to industry standard.

I’m based in Surrey but can travel or conduct lessons by Skype.

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Having attained ALCM level by the age of 15 I started teaching piano privately. I moved to the South East in the mid 90s and cut my teeth in various pre-schools and comprehensives teaching singing and piano.

Most of my teaching experience has been at Hurtwood House School in Surrey, one of the countries leading independent sixth form specialising in performing arts, where I taught singing and introduced songwriting lessons for 15 years.

I’m also comfortable working in group situations and have conducted vocal and songwriting workshops in various places including Italia Conti in Guildford and The Showdown Theatre Group.

Many of the students that I have worked with over the years either as singers or writers are still chasing the dream for themselves and writing and releasing great music.

My ethos is simple “You can only make music with your friends”. On that basis I’m happy to work with anybody who wants to work and wants to improve whatever level they’re at.